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What is Reiki?

Reiki symbol
Reiki symbol
Reiki energy healing session to clear stagnant energy and blockages

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki - The Universal Life Force


Everything is energy. Our bodies, our emotions, our surroundings and circumstances. The universe and everything in it is made of up energy vibrating at different frequencies. We all have the same energy fields (auras), energy centres (chakras) and energy pathways (meridians) throughout the body. And we accumulate daily stresses and emotions, that when properly felt move through our bodies and are released, but when unfelt and buried inside, become the precursors to dis-ease. Reiki is one type of energy healing that can balance and clear stagnant trapped energies in a gentle and peaceful way to release them.


Reiki is a high frequency energy that surrounds us and can be accessed for healing on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Frequencies flow in the direction to harmonize and balance, and that's why Reiki always travels to the areas that need it most. Each person therefore experiences Reiki differently and uniquely depending on what needs balancing in their energetic fields. Energy does not follow the rules of time and space, it exists outside of them. That's why a distant Reiki session is just as effective and powerful as an in-person session - Energy flows where intention goes. A Reiki Master intends for the high frequency healing energy to flow to the client, and it does. Your Reiki session can be done in-person in the Comox Valley, BC or by distance anywhere else on the globe - please indicate your preference when booking.


For those who haven't experienced Reiki before, how can it be described? It's unconditional love. It's warm, gentle, and caring. It can feel like pressure, tingling, heat or swirling energy. It's peaceful, it's subtle, and the changes you'll experience will be subtle too. Most of all it's everything you need and nothing more. If you're ready to release stagnant energies and emotions, or if you've been called to your own personal healing journey, Reiki can be a beautiful place to start.


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Animal Reiki

Reiki energy healing sessions available for dogs, cats, rabbits

Our furry family members and companion animals hold onto energies the same way that humans do, and often need help processing and releasing those emotions in order to live a full, content life. In fact, animals often feel emotions and energies much clearer and more deeply than humans do, as they're more in touch with their energetic bodies.

Reiki energy healing sessions available for horses

​Contact me by text or email if you're interested in discussing Reiki treatments for your four-legged family members and companions. Depending on the nature of the issue surrounding your companion dog, cat, rabbit, horse, etc. I may also include Healy Bioresonance frequencies to aid in their therapeutic treatment.

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