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Intuit and Ascend is a personal ascension coaching support program to catapult you into a deeper understanding of your self

Intuit + Ascend

A 4-module personal ascension coaching support program to catapult you into a deeper understanding of your self and launch your spiritual growth

Some of you may be feeling it, the shift that's occurring in yourself and in humanity right now. Maybe that's why you've ended up at my site - because you're aware of something different, something changing inside of you, but you just can't put your finger on what it is? You’re questioning things you used to take for granted, and you don’t seem to resonate with those around you. Maybe you feel like something is wrong with you.


Maybe it's more dramatic for you, not so subtle, and you're struggling to find answers to the awakening process you've entered into. Either way, you've landed in a safe place.

You've been divinely guided here, there are no mistakes. 


Intuit & Ascend is a guided self-discovery coaching program designed to support you through your ascension and awakening process by focusing on your soul path, your energetic health and knowledge, and the ignition of your intuitive gifts through self-discovery exercises, in-depth coaching sessions with Sabrina, and one-on-one support throughout the process. Each module is sent to you 1-2 weeks in advance of a private 90-minute online Zoom session with Sabrina to discuss and integrate the lesson and information given in each module.

Your investment in this program and in yourself is

CDN $444

Guiding you to connect to and experience your soul


Meet Sabrina

My initial awakening was spearheaded in 2016 when everything in my life suddenly felt like it wasn't aligned - my job, my lifestyle, and the busy hectic schedules everyone in my family was keeping. I was beginning to show signs of multiple autoimmune diseases, and was functioning completely in my A-type, masculine energy. After taking a leap and making a transformational decision with my husband, our family took off on a life-changing adventure living a nomadic lifestyle. I experienced true freedom, and began to understand my role in this lifetime as a change agent and way shower. I returned from that trip deeply changed and set to work cultivating a new lifestyle. My work became healing, teaching and guiding others towards whole health and vitality; mind, body and soul. At the same time I was doing the deep dive into healing myself, and came to understand the emotional significances behind dis-eases and reverse my deteriorating health conditions while coming into balance with my feminine energy. As a Reiki Master-Teacher, Reflexologist (traditional and lymph drainage), and Aromatherapist, I began working with energy and saw firsthand the deeply impactful results for my clients. I am passionate about understanding energy, connecting with people, and sharing with others that it may assist in transforming their lives. This has made me a natural educator, able to connect deeply, using my empathic and intuitive senses to find the commonalities between us. In service to others, I wish to catalyze your journey back to self. No judgements - just compassion, kinship, and love.

Intuit & Ascend includes 4 modules to assist you along your spiritual ascension path:

Module 1: Your Chakra Spiritual Backbone & Energetic System

In this module you will learn about the different energies that make up and influence your bioenergetic field, your surroundings, and the Earth. You will learn about your energetic backbone – the chakra system – and perform an intensive inner self-examination. I will give you support and tips for self-care, chakra clearing, energy protection and balancing.


Module 2: Your Higher Self & Ego, Developing Your Intuitive Gifts

Now that you’ve learned about your chakras and understand where your blockages may lie, it’s time to meet your Higher Self and begin to distinguish its voice from your personality/the Ego. Differentiating between these two voices is a key in the foundation of your spiritual work and growth. In fact it’s the key to developing your innate intuitive gifts.


Module 3: A Deep Dive into Understanding Frequency & Vibration

What are frequencies, energy & vibrations? Everything is Energy. This module will help you to understand at a deep level what that statement means, and with the full support Sabrina to integrate those concepts. Learning to work with frequencies can assist you to move through the world in harmony and flow to get what you desire out of this life.


Module 4: You Are Divine - Ascension & Awakening

By this stage your understanding of yourself and Spirit will allow you to incorporate the previous teachings to fully understand what is currently happening to our planet Gaia and by extension to humanity. We’ll discuss ascension and awakening, and what you may be feeling and experiencing in these times. The world is changing, and for some of us there is an intense desire to change with it. We need to come together in unity and support each other through this, not as separate beings but as a united species. This course will give you the information and tools to be the special and unique contribution to planetary ascension that you’re meant to be.

What you'll gain from Intuit & Ascend:​​

  • Strengthen your intuition and connect with your Higher Self

  • Empower yourself with basic knowledge about your chakra and energetic systems

  • An extensive inner self-examination

  • Differentiate between your Higher Self and Ego inner voices

  • Create practices to cultivate inner peace in chaotic times

  • Step firmly into understanding energy, frequency, and vibration

  • Understand what is currently shifting in our world and ourselves

  • Learn to work with frequencies to create harmony and flow in your life

  • Move toward unity consciousness and away from separation

As part of my unique expression and soul mission that I am here to fulfill, I will help to support and lead you through this major life transition and remembrance you're embarking on. Welcome to your first step on your journey back to Self.

Sat on the Rocks

I feel honoured and privileged to guide you through this amazing time in human history. It can be rough, I won’t lie, but there is so much light and peace to be found on this journey if you’re willing to do the difficult dive and ride the wave of coming home to yourself.

YOU are worth it.  


Your investment in this program and in yourself is CDN $444

(payable in module installments)

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