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HERbS Synergy Blends

Synergy blends of essential oils for your whole health: body, mind and soul

Essential oils are concentrated plant essences (chemicals) and deserve to be treated and used with respect. At HERbS, we use only the highest quality essential oils, organic and fair trade whenever available/possible, and all HERbS Synergy Blends are 100% pure and natural. Synergy blends are created when an aromatherapist expertly chooses and blends essential oils based on their individual properties to enhance those characteristics and create a "synergy" blend that is more powerful than the individual oils on their own. Each individual essential oil is reputed to have distinct therapeutic properties that work on specific mental and emotional states. However, it should be noted that HERbS Synergy Blends are not a replacement for traditional medicine.


Pure essential oils and synergy blends should be diluted to be used safely on the skin and should not be ingested, therefore we recommend that all our oils be used in dilution. Certified Aromatherapists around the world will tell you "less is more" when it comes to essential oils. Here are some simple guidelines for use to keep you and your family safe while enjoying the amazing therapeutic benefits of essential oils:


  • Do not ingest essential oils or synergy blends. Oil and water do not mix. Adding essential oils to water prior to drinking could lead to esophageal and stomach irritations and burns.


  • Dilution, dilution, dilution. Never use essential oils on the skin without diluting first (in other words, do not use neat/undiluted).

    • A 2% dilution in a carrier oil, lotion, etc. is recommended for all topical applications (2% dilution equates to 10-12 drops of essential oil in every 30ml/1 fl.oz. of carrier).

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