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What is Reflexology?

Foot reflexology session to balance energies, increase circulation and reduce stress

We are energetic beings. Universal life energy flows through and around us, and since ancient times healers have used various methods to strengthen and balance energy flow. Reflexologists specify that there are 10 energy zones or meridians, that run the length of the body. By stimulating these zones, reflexology releases vital energy blockages to revitalize and balance the physical and energetic body.


Good health depends on the balance, equilibrium and natural functioning of all body systems - something us biologists call homeostasis. Excessive stress disrupts this balance. The stress reaction, aka the "flight or fight response", is a very primitive response to a situation perceived as dangerous or threatening, where the body and emotions gear up to either fight off the attacker or run for our lives. The issue for modern humans living these days is that we're not actually having to defend our lives, but our adrenal glands don't know that. So any time we perceive stress (think job with too many looming deadlines, kids never giving you time to breathe, relationship issues, etc.), a chain of physical reactions occur to prepare us for the impending catastrophe. And instead of being able to expend this energy, instead we bottle it up and repress it. Eventually, the stress buildup explodes internally and knocks some part of our system out of balance.

Reflexology Benefits

Energy and chakra balancing through reflexology

Reflexology alleviates the effects of stress by inducing deep relaxation, and allows the nervous system to calm down to begin functioning normally. Circulation is promoted, blood flow is improved, and oxygen reaches all of our cells. We are no longer activated in the stress response, the body seeks out homeostasis, and healing can take place. You experience a sense of well-being as energy pathways are opened up, and the subtle energy of proper neurological and circulatory functioning can do its work. The body is balanced as the seven energy centres or chakras are cleared. Energy flows and you experience the body, mind, and spirit come back into balance.


Types of Reflexology I offer:

  • Traditional Foot Reflexology

  • Traditional Hand Reflexology

  • Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD): this specialized form of reflexology focuses on the lymphatic system and is ideal for those experiencing lymphatic issues such as lymphedema, chronic and acute lymph node swelling, and of course all lymphedema associated with breast cancer treatment and mastectomy.

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